Feeling tired, moody, gaining weight, having difficulty sleeping or lacking desire for intimacy? You might have thought about the gym to help increase your energy or sleeping pills to help you rest, but have you checked your hormones?

As you age, so does your hormone production and balance. These hormones regulate your energy, mood, weight gain, muscle strength and mental clarity. Regain your youth and energy with a medically safe solution, customized for your body!

BioTE provides the world’s best hormone balance solution. BioTE hormone therapy uses pellets which come from all-natural plant sources, but are exactly identical to those produced in healthy humans. The pellets are rigorously tested for quality and allow physicians to calculate the exact dose to restore balance to your body.

The pellets deliver a consistent dose of high quality, all-natural hormones identical to the ones your body produces naturally. They are placed under the skin and deliver consistent doses for several months at a time. The side effects for you and your loved ones tend to be much smaller than for patches or creams, and unlike oral hormones, they pass through the liver only once.

BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Checklists:

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