Introducing eVisit . . . We love our patients and we’re always trying to find ways to make life easier for you. That’s why we are now offering our patients the option of remote treatment via telemedicine.

What does this mean for you? You can now receive treatment from the comfort of your home via eVisit!

We understand that you might have a few questions about this new service, so we’ve included a list of frequently asked questions to help you to better understand how to use the eVisit app.

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What is the eVisit® app?

The eVisit app lets you connect with your doctor when you need quick, convenient treatment. Skip the trip to the office and video chat your doctor from home, work, or really anywhere. A face-to-face visit with your doctor is only a few clicks away.

Why patients love eVisit?

  • Access to your doctor — even when you’re out-of-town.
  • No finding a babysitter or carting the kids along when you need care.
  • Manage your chronic health conditions from the comfort of your own home.
  • Refill a prescription without a trip to the Doctor.
  • No commute, no waiting room, no time off work.
  • Get minor urgent issues treated by your doctor.
  • Those frequent, 5-minute follow-up appointments can be just that.